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I am a freelance digital illustrator and character designer. I help studios, publishers & license buyers tell their stories through light & color so that their illustrations have a traditional feel with all the flexibility of digital art. 

“Seller was wonderful to work with. Enthusiastic and a fine collaborator.”


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This category includes storyboards which can be in digital pencil, tones, or colors, and also children's books.

I challenged myself to tell a story for the first time, based on the random official Inktober 2018 prompts, and without adding any text to the illustrations! gotta raise the bar!

I had no sequential art in my portfolio, so this seemed like a great opportunity to showcase what I learned so far, from gesture to extrapolation and from composition to storyboarding. I even designed the characters and I will start coloring these puppies as soon as I can.


This video is an animatics I created to share a more dynamic vision of my story. As I mentioned, I challenged myself to tell the story visually, so there's no conversation, only sound fx. 

Here are some process videos of digital inking and some process images from sketch to finish.