Why Would a Digital Artist Practice in Traditional Ink

Look what I got! a gift of art supplies :D <3

I opened my present and here's what I found. They don't sell those here in Egypt so I'm thrilled!

Practice and have fun even when you're away from the computer.

Digital and traditional illustration both have the same principles, just different tools. So I can continue to improve, learn, practice and have fun even when I'm away from my PC.

Focus on making the shapes clearer and more interesting.

I'm studying character design on Schoolism and figured using a brush pen would help me focus on making the shapes clearer and more interesting.

Warm up for Inktober.

Working on my cartooning and character design skills in brush pen also makes for a great warm up for Inktober which a great opportunity to work on your own personal projects and get more noticed.

(Note: I ended up working digitally for Inktober but the drills still apply)

Get out of your comfort zone.

When you work with new tools and copy other artists' work, you are in FOCUS mode. You focus on what you're doing, on your new tool, and on what the other artist's process. It gets you out of your comfort zone and what you're comfortable to do. Working in a different tool and style will make you think about art in a different way and will enrich your visual library. You may end up fusing several styles together into a new style.

I used references from Artists whose work I love like Stephen Silver, DavidDoodles, Jake Parker, PeterHanStyle and others when the hashtag #DrawThisInYourStyle was popping on Instagram.

Ink directly without an under-drawing or undo button.

My practice sessions with my Pentel brush pen to improve my drawing skills were directly with ink on paper without an under-drawing in pencil. Living on the edge like that :P

I took my Pentel brush pen for a test drive on printer paper, then I decided to add some color.

You can have an under-drawing for more complex drawings but save that for personal projects. Drawing directly in ink will improve your eye-hand coordination with time and improve the quality of your lines. They will look more confident.


Then I put my practice into personal project for Michael Jackson's day. I plan on recreating this digitally. Stylizing and cartooning are important skills for character design which is the main point of this drill.

I always exercise in circuits to keep those artistic muscles shredded! Here's a related blog post 5 Reasons Why to Inktober

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