Digital Portraits

Sharing my progress through a selection of my digital portraits, as well as some tips and resources I found very helpful.

digital portrait progress in 2 year

My very first digital painting was a portrait of Jack Nicholson vs my most recent digital portrait.

I am juggling work, studying online, and writing one blog post a month to keep you updated on my progress for 2018. My first blog post for the year

Pre-drawing tablet!

I graduated from the faculty of Fine Arts where I studied composition, color theory, perspective and anatomy. We spent most of our 5-year course in the Egyptian Museum, The Agricultural Museum, in Islamic Cairo, Drawing and painting Ancient Egyptian and Greco-Roman statues, animals, people, and buildings. At that time though I only worked in traditional media. You can find some of my traditional illustrations in my portfolio and here is my most recent upload of K2SO the droid from Star Wars: Rogue One in traditional media.

Post-drawing tablet!

I got my Wacom drawing tablet in 2016. I was unfamiliar with this new tool but I tried to paint in Adobe Photoshop according to the same principles I learned in traditional art. It's a learning curve but you only learn by doing. I chose Jack Nicholson because his face is so expressive.

Jack Nicholson Digital Painting Portrait Process Images

I was struggling with the new medium and this affected my process terribly but you gotta start somewhere. I was proud of my first digital painting anyways, so I uploaded it to Behance and to my surprise I got commissioned to create unwrapped portraits for 3D characters for an animation studio.

unwrapped portrait for a 3D character

unwrapped portraits for 3D characters

I had made a pencil drawing on colored paper of Doctor Strange and thought why not color it digitally? so I scanned it, cropped it and tried to make it look more traditional.

traditional pencil portrait of Doctor Strange colored digitally in Photoshop