Flex Your Artistic Muscles!

Happy New Year! I hope you spent the Holidays with fun people doing fun things :D

In this blog I will share 3 simple tips to improve your drawing skills, as well as 4 different subjects to practice for variety.

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At the end of 2017, I set my goals for the new year. Did you? Let me know what your goals are in the comments.

I wanted mine to be balanced between work, health and hobbies.

Here are mine in case you missed them on Instagram and Facebook:

  • eat healthier, start with "5 a day" (2 portions of veggies, 2 fruit, 1 pulses)

  • level up within 6 months

  • learn z brush

  • update my portfolio

  • start recording videos for youtube (ideally once a week)

  • write 1 blog every month for my website

  • work on my Spanish. Pregúntame algo en los comentarios :D

So...I have been trying to pull myself out of a major artistic funk that seems to inconveniently hit me every 6 months...odd I know. I thought the best way to beat this is by working on my 2018 goals, enjoying the process and being patient with the results.

I will be flexing certain "artistic muscles" so my next portfolio will be shredded xD Today is "pen day" in the art gym :P

I rarely use an eraser when I draw with a pencil, because I start light, but working digitally for a while got me into some bad habits that only a pen can fix! If you are a digital illustrator too you know what I'm talking about! Using a pen should remind me that ctrl + z doesn't exist and that I should make better decisions.

I did several courses with New Masters Academy They are especially helpful if you want to learn anatomy and improve the quality of your lines. Now I need to focus on the assignments. Here are some in no specific order:

flex your artistic skills with some pen sketches

Male - Profile

flex your artistic skills with some pen sketches


flex your artistic skills with some pen sketches

Females and Male - focus on hair

flex your artistic skills with some pen sketches

Females and Male - focus on hair

flex your artistic skills with some pen sketches


flex your artistic skills with some pen sketches

Female - almost no rendering

flex your artistic skills with some pen sketches

Young Male - Little to no rendering

I drew different angles, genders and ages. Also short and long hair, facial hair....The more I do this, I notice the different in the flow and angles of the lines. The drawings look more well-thought compared to the initial crap I drew at the beginning! (I might be slowly getting out of my artistic funk).

Here's a simple and quick tip to improve your drawings instantly, USE GUIDELINES!

I know this seems like a given, but sometimes we forget to lay the foundations and get so distracted by the details. That's when you wake up like 10 minutes later, or 2 hours later!, and you're like omg the eyes are so off! everything looks wonky :O

so unless you want to go for some extreme perspective, when you draw the facial features: hairline, eyebrows, eyes, base of the nose, lips and chin...

keep your guidelines for the facial features PARALLEL.

If you want the face tilted, then those lines will still be parallel in relation to each other even when they are curved.

Pen Drawing Parallel Guidelines

to keep things neat for you, here are the 3 tips and 4 practice subjects together.

3 Important Drawing Tips

  • Start light

  • Use guidelines for the facial features

  • Keep the guidelines parallel, even when curved

Practice drawing

  • both genders

  • different ages

  • different angles of the head

  • hair

more on those in future blogs.

I'm not sure yet whether I like the simpler sketches or the more rendered ones...hmmm which do you like more?