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Man With A Sword Value Study In Watercolors

Just popping my head to show you something from Circuit 3 in my watercolor gym!

Here are blogs to previous circuits:

Circuit 1 based on Gonzalo Carcamo's course on Schoolism

Circuit 2 based on random images I chose from the series Vikings with the purpose of studying.

Using Reference:

I found the reference on Bodies In Motion where you can find a ton of dynamic poses and facial expressions.

One of the pros of using a GOOD reference photo is that it will force you to avoid boring and stiff poses. For example, when you work from memory, you tend to draw characters where everything aligns: skull, ribcage and pelvis. They all face front and are vertically on top of each other.

I drew this with a pencil several times, with modifications each time, until I was happy with it. Then I drew it in pen. I wanted it to look a little stylized.


Drawing gum damages the hairs of your brush. and you don't want to throw a precious and pricey brush away every time you paint!