Why use water colors to improve your drawing skills?

This is a quick report for month 2 of my boot camp which should cover:

water color painting figures

  • Drawing

  • Character design

  • Color

  • Digital sculpting

Currently working on improving my drawing skills for more accuracy and speed. Worked with pens and now water colors following a course by Carcamo.

Why use water colors to improve your drawing skills?

I come from an oil painting background. It takes time to finish the painting but the medium is forgiving. you can rework an area and fix your mistakes no problem. Layers on top of layers... like digital painting, more or less.

Pro: more relaxed, you can change your mind a lot.

Con: over time you pick up the habit of "I will fix it as a I go" which is ok unless there's a lot to fix later on.

Learning a new medium is like playing a new musical instrument... same music, new tools and techniques.

Water colors is an amazing medium, but some see it as either a medium for kids or a medium that is so difficult. I haven't worked in oil painting in forever for several reasons. Water color allows me the fun and a sense of connectedness to my art when I use an actual brush without the health hazards of oil painting!

Working online, and working as part of a team, requires you to work in digital media. Since I work digitally, I desperately need water colors to stay connected to real media and to actually touch my work as I create it.

Water colors will help you with:

  • Gradation

  • Simplification

  • Process

  • Intent