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Videos of my Digital & Traditional Illustrations

I am a freelance digital illustrator and character designer. I help studios, publishers & license buyers tell their stories through light & color so that their illustrations have a traditional feel with all the flexibility of digital painting.

The first channel on this page is where all my videos live.

For your convenience, I created 4 more channels:​

  • Get to Know Me: You get to see me with my hippie sister at a restaurant, with my Canadian friend on his first visit to the pyramids, and find out what my super power is, yes I'm a mutant! 

  • A Closer Look into my work: I take you to my printer's, you get to see how the art is cut to size, and how it is packaged for shipping...etc. 

  • Another for my Digital Illustrations.

  • A channel for my Traditional Illustrations.

Note: I closed my Etsy store so if you are interested in a piece and it's still available all you need to do is contact me to ask about price and shipping

Main Channel